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Lack’s Beach Service in Myrtle Beach

As the largest beach service in Myrtle Beach, the Lack’s Beach Service team provides professional lifeguard services and chair and umbrella rentals along 10 miles of beach. We take our roles seriously! Our top priority is the safety of those we are assigned to serve but we also want to make sure our guests enjoy their time at the beach. Our team maintains the highest standards of both fitness and respect for ocean and beach conditions.


Become a Lifeguard

Join our team of professional lifeguards! Help keep our beaches safe, gain valuable experience on a great team, and spend your work days on the beach. We offer specialized training and even housing for our lifeguards. Spend your summer as a Lack’s Beach Service Lifeguard!.

How to Rent

Put your feet up and stay awhile! Seriously. Rent one of our chairs and an umbrella to enjoy the best beach views in comfort. Instead of buying and setting up your own chairs and umbrella, see one of our lifeguards to rent ours. You can rent by the day or the week – and always have a spot on the beach reserved just for you!

Find a Spot

From March until October, you can find us watching over almost 10 miles of beach in Myrtle Beach from the Springmaid Pier to the very North end of Myrtle Beach by the Marriott and Ocean Club.

Saving Lives Since 1974

Originally Vernon’s Beach Service, George Lack took over the company in 1979 and grew the team to become the largest beach service in Myrtle Beach. We’ve worked with thousands of amazing lifeguards over the years and love seeing familiar faces year after year!


Are you on the beach all year round?

You can find us on the beach from March until October. Our peak season is Memorial Day to Labor Day.

How do I rent the chairs and umbrellas?

Any of our lifeguards can assist you with the chair and umbrella rentals right on the beach. Rentals are available 7 days a week.

Are your lifeguards certified?

Absolutely! Safety is our first priority!

Every lifeguard must currently hold certifications of CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Lifeguarding, and First Aid. Every Rookie Lifeguard goes through Rookie School where they are trained by our experienced managers, Police Officers, Beach Patrol, Emergency Medical Services and National Weather Service professionals.

Lifeguards also attend Surf School EVERY WEEK to train on different topics to keep them sharp and aware every day.

How long can we rent the chairs?

You can rent the chairs and umbrellas for a day or the entire week of your vacation!

Where can I find one of your lifeguards?

We guard about 10 miles of beach from Springmaid Pier to the Marriott and Ocean Club. Check out our map to find the Lack’s Beach Services locations!

Are there any important rules or laws I should know for the beach?

We’re glad you asked! We do our best to make sure everyone is following the Myrtle Beach city rules and regulations. Check out the rules and regulations most relevant to beachgoers.

Myrtle Beach Rules and Regulations

Our lifeguards are required to ensure that all beachgoers are following the Myrtle Beach and Horry County rules and regulations. If you have any questions about the following or any other rules or regulations mentioned by our lifeguards, please contact the city or county ordinance offices.