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Our certified lifeguards keep the beach safe and easy to enjoy for both locals and visitors.

Our Team

Lack’s Beach Service trains and employs about 150 lifeguards every year from March through October. Our team keeps the beach safe and rents out chairs and umbrellas to beachgoers. Rest easy with a Lack’s certified lifeguard nearby and enjoy beautiful views from our beach chairs.

Typical Day

7am – 7:30am Morning Check-in

7:00 am

7am – 7:30am
Morning Check-in

Arrive at our warehouse to receive 2-way radio, rental books and an overview of weather and ocean conditions.

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8 AM Flag Up – Lifeguard on Duty

8:00 am

Flag Up – Lifeguard on Duty

Setting up of rental equipment including beach chairs and umbrellas as well as lifeguard stations with all appropriate attire. Not all lifeguard stands require a 2 hour set up, but all stands must be ready for customers at 9 AM.

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8 AM – 5 PM Maintain Beach Safety!

8:00 am

8am – 5pm
Maintain Beach Safety!

Maintain beach safety by enforcing Myrtle Beach city and County ordinances, rent equipment, handle lost and found children and do any rescues and first aid if necessary.

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45 Minute Lunch Break

12:00 pm

45 Minute Lunch Break

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5pm Blow Down!

5:00 pm

Blow Down!

At exactly 5 PM ‘blow down’ is called. All lifeguards must leave the beach. Lifeguard are then required to check-in to the warehouse. Check-in is a quick and organized daily procedure.

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After 5pm Emergency Response Team

5:00 pm

After 5pm
Emergency Response Team

A team is a small group of volunteer guards who work from 5pm until 7pm in the evening during peak season. The Ocean Rescue Team works directly with beach patrol in responding to all emergencies.

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Find a Spot

From March until October, you can find us watching over almost 10 miles of beach in Myrtle Beach from the Springmaid Pier to the very North end of Myrtle Beach by the Marriott and Ocean Club.

Join the Team!

Interested in becoming a Lack’s lifeguard? Every one of our lifeguards is certified and receives weekly training. Get experienced in different rescue techniques, rescue scenarios, and potential beach hazards. Lifeguards attend Surf School every week to stay sharp and learn more about first aid and lifeguarding from professionals.

Join our team to gain professional skills and make friends with people from all over the world!


Are you on the beach all year round?

You can find us on the beach from March until October. Our peak season is Memorial Day to Labor Day.

How do I rent the chairs and umbrellas?

Any of our lifeguards can assist you with the chair and umbrella rentals right on the beach. Rentals are available 7 days a week.

Are your lifeguards certified?

Absolutely! Safety is our first priority!

Every lifeguard must currently hold certifications of CPR for the Professional Rescuer, Lifeguarding, and First Aid. Every Rookie Lifeguard goes through Rookie School where they are trained by our experienced managers, Police Officers, Beach Patrol, Emergency Medical Services and National Weather Service professionals.

Lifeguards also attend Surf School EVERY WEEK to train on different topics to keep them sharp and aware every day.

How long can we rent the chairs?

You can rent the chairs and umbrellas for a day or the entire week of your vacation!

Where can I find one of your lifeguards?

We guard about 10 miles of beach from Springmaid Pier to the Marriott and Ocean Club. Check out our map to find the Lack’s Beach Services locations!

Are there any important rules or laws I should know for the beach?

We’re glad you asked! We do our best to make sure everyone is following the Myrtle Beach city rules and regulations. Check out the rules and regulations most relevant to beachgoers.