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“We enjoyed a girls’ weekend at MB Resort (Renaissance Tower-excellent rental!) and went down early to rent an umbrella/chairs. We not only received excellent customer service from Lack’s but kindness & patience. I believe Brad? was working that day and didn’t waste any time or effort in setting up equipment to prepare for the day. As he had time, he worked with us to get a good location to soak up the sun. We paid only $40 for an umbrella & 3 chairs for one day, which is a reasonable rate compared to other beaches we’ve visited. Think about it…are you gonna buy your own chairs/umbrella and haul it home on a plane? Stuff it on top of your car? Throughout the day, he’d walk by and check in with us. As well, he was busy talking with beach-goers as he walked the beach – and yes, he was watching the swimmers in the ocean.

Of course, he’s easy on the eyes, so we were probably watching him way more than we should have, but hey – it was a girls weekend and we’re all single. When we were in the last half-hour or so of our day, I was snapping some pics of him to add to our weekend memories and he indulged me by posing for a few. (such a cutie!) Everything about that day only added to our relaxing, much-needed, break from life.

Sometimes, indulging a few dollars on a nice wooden beach chair and heavy umbrella is worth it when you just need to take care of you. Flirting with the life guard, well….that’s a bonus! :)”