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Ellen Crawflord Brouwer

“We are staying at the Hampton Inn and Suites in myrtle Beach south Carolina and liked the way the lifeguards guarded the beach here. Very professional and one of them, Agen, (not sure I spelled it right) station #13, was friendly and very helpful! Give him “a...

Kayla Marie

“Our life guard was awesome. L3 in front of Sea Horn Inn! He even took multiple pictures of our family for our scrapbook. I wish I would have caught his name!! Awesome guy and very watchful over everyone both in and out of the water!”

Cassandra Ellis Eckstorm

“Just wanted to give a shoutout to your guys working Ocean Lakes. We unfortunately got to see them in action Saturday. But BOY did they ever do their job and do it well. Great work and good job paying attention and jumping right in. Hope your guys have a safe rest of...

R Scott Arney

“Last year we had such a terrible lifeguard that I was considering not returning to Myrtle Beach. This year our lifeguard has been awesome and diligent in his job. His attitude was upbeat and he was very helpful and spoke nicely to everyone. A true professional at his...

Melissa McCuistion

“Sitting on the beach right now in front of The Myrtle Beach Resort. These lifeguards are amazing. Super diligent and always watching. This can’t be an easy job, but I’m super impressed with how focused they are. Thank you.”